CEEE GirlTECH Participants'

2000 Awards & Accomplishments

Marilyn Turmelle won the Klein ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year award (1999 - 2000). Last year she won a grant to study at Carnegie Mellon for one week, June 26 through July 2, about teaching AP Computer Science and gender equity in the computer science classroom. Marilyn worked with a team of 5 people to write a grant proposal for $100,000 earmarked for wiring Klein Oak High School for internet access (which they received!). Since there was supposed to be involvement from the students, she enlisted 4 girls to help with a school-wide survey on current internet access at home. They wrote the survey, distributed it through English classes, analyzed the responses, and even signed the grant proposal! Marilyn is working with another group of girls to help train faculty and staff with HTML. Each of them is assigned a department. For example, one girl is in charge of foreign language. She is redesigning the foreign language pages at the KO web site and works with the teachers to find relevant sites for class/home use.

Georgia Louviere, 96 participant, and her team, won the TOP AWARD in the national ThinkQuest Junior Contest!!! Way to go, Georgia. Creases and Pieces is a beautiful site. The team was comprised of 2 boys and 2 girls.

Lisa Auerbach has launched a maiden voyage for a 5th grade elementary online newspaper through Highwired.Net. It is in its infancy, but Lisa expects great things to come from it. Lisa was part of a team who wrote and was funded a TIFF grant of approximately $40,000 for Longfellow El. She is on the team of Instructional Specialists, who tries to encourage teachers to use technology in classrooms. This is through a $600,000 TIE Grant, written by HISD's Southwest District team. This past summer Longfellow's team attended a tech. convention in Boston. There they learned about Masters Online, through HBU. They brought the information back to SW District and through the TIE grant, about 50 teachers are now getting a masters degree through distance learning. Much of the focus will be technology in classrooms.

Lucille Barrera is now serving as Elementary Science Supervisor for Houston ISD. Her primary duties to assist teachers in 140 plus elementary schools in the Houston ISD with Science Content. This includes giving workshops for Staff Development. Congratulations Lucille!

Susan Boone works with the Math Forum on a 1999-2000 project called Bridging Research and Practice. She also was recognized for her work with girls in the new book by Roberta Furger Does Jane Compute. She has won numerous recognitions for her mathematics web lessons. These include: reviewed in NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet by Ferdi Serim andMelissa Koch; named Hot Site of the Week: Blue Web'n - San Diego State's Searchable Index of Internet Learning: and included in Eisenhower's National Clearinghouse's (ENC) CD ROM. She serves as a lesson author for Datacast Learning Network, participates in the Park City/Institute for Advanced Studies Mathematics Institute, and presented at SuperComputing '96 and ENC's 1996 Hard Drive Cafe. She was selected in '96 to be a Teacher Advisor at the AAUW Teacher Institute

Jim Brevard has presented workshops on Using Excel to teachers at Klein Oak High School.

Paula Brown was one of about 75 teachers nationally selected to attend SC '97 in San Jose, California and SC '98 in Orlando, Florida. She does an awesome job as TCEA's Computer Science, Special Interest Group, Secretary-Treasurer.

Barbara Camp presented at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing September 19-21, 1997 in San Jose, CA. Her topic was "A Vision of the Future: Planning for Change and the Impact of Emerging Computing Technologies on Library Automation and Information Management".

Barbara Christopher was the coordinator summer 1998 for a two-week training session for Eisenhower's After-School Technology Center. This is one of our Annenberg funded projects. Barbara was also recognized for her work with girls in the new book by Roberta Furger Does Jane Compute. Eisenhower HS's web site is featured in a textbook entitled Activities for the Internet and TENET produced by South-Western Educational Publishing.(You may do a search for the title). Eisenhower's site was chosen as Star School of the Month by CEARCH. See the review, where among other things they say, "How refreshing it is to see a school web site which is regularly updated and contains information by,for and about the students of the school." Barbara's lesson on car payments was an Online Educator Weekly Super Site and is also featured in Study Web. Barbara was also part of the grant writing team that helped Eisenhower become one of the 11 beacon schools in the Houston Annenberg Challenge. Eisenhower's initial funding will be for $250,000.

Marcella Dawson, along with Judy Lee, presented at TCEA's state conference held February 3-6, 1998 in Austin, TX on Using the Internet in the Classroom.

Joseph Ficht attended the American Association of Physics Teachers' meeting, where he is a Physics Teacher Resource Agent. He also conducted workshops at The Houston area Physics Teachers Association in September, October, and November 1999. He also attened the Texas State Physics Teachers' Asociation meeting at UTEP. He proposed and had approved a course in astronomy by the Fort Bend ISD that he will teach next year.

Karen Green was instrumental in helping Stehlik Intermediate School receive a beautifully networked lab with 30 computers that is used by the school for everything from the Internet to TAAS programs. They have parent workshops (called Net at Nite) when the community is invited to learn how to use the internet.

Jane Holzapfel was also recognized for her work with girls in the new book by Roberta Furger Does Jane Compute.

Lois Johnson presented the workshop "CART (computer assisted realtime translation) in the Classroom" at the state conference for Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA) in February 1999. This presentation demonstrated the benefits to both the hearing-impaired and non. Lois also attended SC '98 in Orlando in November.

May 1997, Chandra Jones received a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on Instructional Technology from the central campus of the University of Houston. She is now teaching Microcomputer Applications (Career and Technology Education Department) at Jesse H. Jones High School (HISD) and is serving as Teacher Technologist. This past summer she presented telecommunications information and trained K-8 teachers at Thompson Elementary School and Kelso Elementary School as part of the South Central District's Technology Institute.

Judy Lee won one of six Texas Medical Association's 1997 Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching. She won the merit award in the junior high school level for her lesson plan on ground level ozone testing. Judy was also a Texas state-level finalist in the 1997 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching program. She also won the Texas Chemical Council/Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (TCC/ACIT) Chemicals and the Environment Science Teachers' Award for "displaying teaching excellence within the realm of science and the environment literacy".

Jo Leland's Hidden Hollow Elementary has been asked to be one of the official garderns for spring's Journey North. Journey North has invited Jo as one of only 30 teachers to their annual advisory meeting in Minneapolis, from July 14-17, 1999. KTCA, the Twin Cities' PBS station and producer of Newton's Apple, has just received a grant to create video case-studies about the use of Journey North. These videos will be distributed nationally via the Annenberg Channel. Jo was selected as an advisor on this project. Also, during this year, Jo's inserviced teachers from her building on the use of internet,the district grading program and various programs that will be in our district's elementary loadset. About 1/2 of her day is spent in the lab working with students in grades 3-5 and the other part of the day is set aside for working with teachers, troubleshooting, and paperwork.

Karen North presented at SC '98 in Orlando, FL. As past President of TCEA's Computer Science - Special Interest Group, she helped coordinate speakers and sponsors. At M/SET in San Antonio she presented a demonstration with a Computer Science Professor from University of Houston on "Using Programming to Teach Algebra" which uses Rice's DrScheme. She received a second year grant from Rice University for implementation of their TeachScheme! Project and has been invited to participate with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and evaluate their tools for school level accountability. She is co-chair of the Alief Community Association's Education Committee and facilitate the community web page http://www.intergate.com/alief which is maintained by students. This is implementation of business level skills from interviewing a business, to writing articles for publication, as well as writing web pages. This is part of the Technology Application Independent Studies TEKS. She was the person behind the scenes who organized a community luncheon for Mayor Lee Brown. Her students helped with invitations and at the luncheon, took pictures and gathered information, and published this on the ACA web page: http://www.intergate.com/alief/past.htm

Martha Phelps-Borrowman has given two talks at the Edinburgh International Science Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the Festival in March/April of 1996 her talk was titled "Girls (Only) In Science?" It focused on the importance of educators becoming aware of the subtle gender bias that is communicated to young girls, the girls' science club at Lanier Middle School, and other ways that educators, parents, administrators, and scientists can help promote girls' interest in science, math, and technology. An essay from the 1996 presentation was included in a book. Zeitgeist: An Anthology of Popular Science Writing, editors Simon Gage and Pauline Mullin, Science Reviews Ltd. 1997. In March/April of 1997, her talk "Computers: Boys' Toys or Girls' Toys?", dealt with some of the research on how girls and boys use computers, the importance of promoting girls' interest in computers and careers in computer technology, and some of the software developed specifically for girls. She made another presentation concerning gender equity in education in San Francisco Nov. 7, 1997, at the conference of the Coalition for Essential Schools.

Kellie Salter teaches Physics I / Physics I-Honors / AP Physics at Klein Forest High School. She passed all her ExCET tests last fall and became a certified teacher as of January 1999! Recently, she co-hosted Klein Forest's Science Fair where they invited professionals in science and science-related careers to speak to all of our science classes about the importance of science today. In addition, they are taking 10 students to the Houston Area Science Fair in March 1999. She also serves on the technology committe at Klein Forest.

Peggy Schweiger wrote the TIE grant that Klein Oak HS received this year with associate principal Judy Schweitzer. It was for approximately $750,000. It was the highest-ranked application in the state in its category. The monies were used to put two computers and one printer in each classroom; they also purchased other technology such as Data Projectors. They now have computers to use the Internet connections funded throughtheir TIFF grant last year. Peggy was accepted at the NASA workshop that was held at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, last summer. She has been named one of the 100 Honorable Mention teachers in the RadioShack/Tandy Scholars program. Vicki Klawinski and Peggy have been busy using their GirlTECH training to benefit Klein Oak teachers. This teacher training was cited by the readers of their TIE grant as one of the "strengths" of their application. Vicki and Peggy have presented training sessions on Integrating the Internet into the Classroom, Power Point, and Building and Designing Web Pages. Jim Brevard has also presented workshops on Using Excel to teachers. Peggy is applying to become a Physics Teachers Resource Agent (PRTA) She attends monthly meetings sponsored by the Houston Area Association of Physics Teachers (HAAPT). The trainers have asked her to apply for this program to incorporate her knowledge of HTML and Web Page design (learned at GirlTECH) into their program on building Web Pages for Physics classes. She helped present two workshops at MiniCAST held at U of H on Building Web Pages with the other PTRA agents. They are also presenting this workshop in March 1999 at the TSAAPT (TX section, etc.). They have asked her to help them rewrite their manual to incoporate the HTML approach to web page building with their approach (using web page authoring programs).

Karen Shaw has presented at TCEA Region IV, TCEA State convention, Texas Middle School Association both Regional and State, and the West District Library group meeting. She says that GirlTECH shows up somewhere in every presentation! She was also the "coach" for five groups of students that entered the TCEA State Webpage Design Contest. One group won second place! She has been accepted in the "TeachScheme" summer program at Rice. And she has been chosen to go to a conference in Philadelphia on leadership, as part of our Annenberg staff development. Congratulations Karen to you and your Students!!! Last year Karen trained HISD's North Central District schools' potential webmasters on developing school web sites. Over spring break, 1998, she trained teachers at The Rice School on designing and developing web pages for use in their classrooms. She said she used several GirlTECH pages as resources.

Molly Silha, is the Technology Specialist forher school. Along with trying to keep up with all of the software and hardware, she's been training the staff on how to use e-mail (Lotus Notes is what they use in ther district), and how to use the internet for their classrooms. She's also been holding a Family Internet Night for families who are interested. She also received a grant to implement a 3D-Modeling program called TABS+. Molly co-presented on GirlTECH at SC '98 November in Orlando.She, along with Susan Boone, presented at TCEA's state conference held February 3-6, 1998 in Austin, TX on Lessons On-Line. Molly's mathematics lessons have also been a Super Site on The Online Educator.

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