Goals: Use the data from the Internet to plan a Prom Date and its costs.
Materials: Internet, graphing calculator(optional), newspaper or department store ads
Lesson: Brainstorm about the things to pay for in order to go to the school prom. List all of their ideas on the overhead. Working in groups of two, ask the students to make a budget for the prom costs, breaking it down into the cost of the clothes for a male and a female, the cost of the meal, the pictures, the limosine, the flowers, the tickets to the prom, and any other plans they wish to make.
Brainstorm about the estimate the cost of a single prom date.Each group is responsible for planning the prom date and its cost. Using the Internet, go to URL for the restaurant guide to Houston. Decide where the group wants to eat and figure the cost.
The data on the flowers, clothes, limo, etc. can be gathered by the class and shared. Write up the Prom Date, including the costs of each of the parts of the evening. The Prom Date can be displayed on poster board using pictures to show the different parts of the date and their cost.
The overall costs of the evening for the entire class could be graphed, with the median, mean and mode of the data displayed, using the graphing calculator, computer or graphing paper.

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