Robin's Lesson2 - "Pizza Your Way"

Objective: Students will be able to use real life situations not only to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals but to use percents and ratios.



  1. Give the following senario to your students: Your parents are planning on leaving for the weekend. You want to have a FEW friends over for the evening. Your parents leave only leave you $30. Your mom doesn't have anything in the house so you need to get some food. You decide to order pizza. You want a mixture of two topping pizzas. Between your friends (10 of them), they can only come up with $10. Everyone is very, very hungry. What is the larest amount of two or more topping pizzas that you can order?

  2. Using Pizza Menu,the students need to decide on the number of pizzas and toppings that they would be intersted in ordering. Remember that each pizza has to have at least 2 toppings.

  3. After they have decided how many pizzas to order and which toppings will be incuded, remind the students that they will have to include tax. Assume the tax rate is 8.25%. Find the tax on the pizzas.

  4. List the subtotal and total on the pizzas.

  5. The students can't drive, so they will have to give the delivery person a tip. We will assume that this is a set rate and it will be 9% of the total.

  6. Now find out how much one piece of pizza "really" costs.

  7. Asks questions such as, If Randy ate 7 pieces, what is the ratio of the number of pieces that he ate? What percent is this of the total? If Niels ate 34% of the pizza, how many pieces did he eat? Who ate the least/greatest amount of pizza? Write a ratio for the least/Greastest amounts of pizzas eaten by one person. What percents did the person who ate the least/greatest amounts eat? Continue with the questions.

  8. You can now let your students "order" their pizza over the Internet. Each student can only order one pizza at a time. Order Up

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