Robin's Lesson 3 - Those Amazing Seaworld Animals!!

Objective:The students will be asked to research the animals at Seaworld so that they can relate the information that they have found into various types of graphs.



  1. Tell the students that they will be visiting those wonderful animals that they will be able to form into various graphs. Stress that they neeed to keep their eyes open because the information might slip by them!

  2. A circle graph will be made by the percentages of what the animals eat. The students can can make some broad categories, but not to the point that they only have two different parts of the graph. So the student needs to find out the most common meal of each animal.

  3. A bar graph will be created based on the number of pounds that each animal intakes each day. This information will not be as straight forward as the previous. On some of the animals, the student will have to figure the number of pounds eaten from the percent of body weight that they eat each day. A little extra searching and figuring may be necessary on this one.

  4. A line graph will be transformed from the weight of each animal. The weights will be on the y-axis while the name of the animal will go on the x-axis.

  5. Most of this information can be found by using the hyperlink "Diet and Eating Habits". Let the students exlore and find this information. I have found this to be the most rewarding method of teaching. I have put hyperlinks to each animal but this does not exclude the use of Net Search if the student chooses to do so.

Those Amazing Seaworld Animals:

This lesson was created by Robin Adams.