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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.  HTML code uses text to describe a page's appearance, deliver text content, instruct the page which images to display, and provide links to other web pages on the Internet.  HTML pages can be understood by any browser on any computer.  Do you HAVE to learn code?  The answer is, it is really obvious if you don't!  You can some things to your pages that your authoring software may not know how to do.  A little code here and there is useful--and fun!
HTML commands, called tags, are contained with <angle brackets.>  The code can be all caps, lowercase, or any combination. 

There will be times when you may want to reference HTML code, especially if you are using software that doesn't seem to cooperate.  You can always reference the text for this course: HTML for the World Wide Web:  Visual QuicksStart Guide,  by Elizabeth Castro, or check out some of the following sites.  I particular like to use the "interactive" sites when I am teaching beginning HTML.

HTML Goodies New Tags in HTML 4.0.  This is a "must read" for new web page designers.
HyperText Markup Language an overview of all HTML related materials used at WC3 and around the Web
Authors & Webmasters a listing of the forums, articles and reviews that are available on subjects of importance to HTML authors and webmasters
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML the Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists every official HTML tag in common usage, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions
A Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts a great site to review HTML code, learn more about other types of programming and gives you a chance to practice.
Complete Guide to HTML and JAVA Script links and downloads for HTML and JAVA 
The HTML Writers Guild Resource Collections created and maintained by a group of html/web writers and creators committed to excellence in HTML design 
The non-famous HTML hut tips and links for the beginner as well as a "how to" for critiquing your work 
The WDVL: HyperText MarkUp Language includes background, introduction and structure of HTML design. 
Welcome to The HTML Station links you to reference information and demonstrations of hypertext markup language (HTML) with tag summaries, examples, supporting and reference information 
NCTA's WebTeacher great web tutorial with sample beginning HP, Internet addresses, Navigational addresses, e-mail, telnet, ftp, image, sound and movie files and lots of HTML help 
HTML Made Really Easy this tutorial will explain the structure of HTML quickly and clearly, and show you through examples the practical things you need to know
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