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Opening a Web Page

Let's take a look at the Navigator browser window. (You can move the mouse pointer over the various parts of your own browser as you look at them, and a description will pop up.) 
  • Menu bar: Offers menus containing commands for working with the program. 
  • Title bar: Shows the title of the web page you're currently viewing. 
  • Navigation toolbar: Contains buttons to help you navigate from page to page. Following are the functions of those buttons: 
Back Takes you back to the last page you visited.
Forward If you've gone backward, takes you forward to the next page.
Reload Gets a new, fresh copy of a web page from its server on the Net.
Home Sends you to your home page.
Search Opens the Netscape Net Search page.
My Netscape Takes you to, where you can create a customized page.
Images If the Automatically Load Images preference is turned off, this button will load images. (See more about this in the "Speeding Up Web Browsing" section.)
Print Prints the web page you're viewing.
Security Opens a window containing security information about the page you're viewing.
Stop Stops the current page from loading.

You Try It: Use the Navigation Buttons
  1. Type the URL in the Location field.
  2. Press the Enter (Return) key.
  3. Watch the big N logo and/or the status bar to see when the page has finished downloading. (When it's finished, the comets stop streaming and the word Done appears on the status bar.)
  4. Click the Back button to return to the Netscape Netcenter home page.
  5. Click the Forward button to return to the Jelly Belly home page.
  6. Click the Home button to return to your home page (it doesn't matter what it is).
  7. Click the Search button to go to Netscape Net Search.
  8. Click the Printer button to print the Net Search page (if you're connected to a printer).
  9. Click the Security button to get information about the security of the Net Search page.
  10. Close the Security window.
You can move the Navigation, Location, and Personal toolbars around at the top of the Navigator window. Plus, you can shrink or hide those toolbars if you want to see more page, less toolbar. 
  • To move a toolbar, click its left edge and drag it above or below another toolbar. 
  • To collapse or expand a toolbar, click the expander arrow at the left edge of the toolbar. (It looks like a blue triangle.) 
  • To view or hide a toolbar, select View, toolbar from the Communicator menu bar, where toolbar is the name of the toolbar you want to view or hide. 
The information above was excerpted from Netscape's Tutorial for New Users, there's more good information there.  Visit them and see. 

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