Catch-Up Time:

Time to Work on Your Lessons:

Work with the person beside you to review what you have planned for your lesson(s).  Spend some time looking through some of these suggested lessons:

Scanning Images:

The Mac105 lab has a scanner and we will be happy to show you how to scan pictures.  Feel free to bring photos that you may want to use on your webpages.  We probably will not do a "formal" lesson on scanners since each one has a different set of steps to make them work.  However, you can work with the one in the lab and get a general idea.

Using Netscape Communicator as a Mail Program:
Most Web browsers are capable of sending and receiving e-mail.  Netscape's mail program, called Messenger, is built in to the Netscape Communicator software.  In order to configure Messenger to read electronic mail, you need to know and do a few things.
Some time today, set up Netscape Mail so you can check your mail.

How to Set Up the Mail Program for the GirlTECH account:(for future reference smile )


Mail Servers Below are graphical on-line instructions.
Don't forget these USEFUL HTML Sites.....
Helpful Sites for HTML Editing:
There will be times when you may want to reference HTML code, especially if you are using software that doesn't seem to cooperate.  You can always reference the text for this course: HTML for the World Wide Web:  Visual QuicksStart Guide,  by Elizabeth Castro, or check out some of the following sites.  I particular like to use the "interactive" sites when I am teaching beginning HTML.

For those of you that DO NOT have a dial-in account, you may want to check out  This is a free Internet Service.  You will need to be logged on before you can download this software.  It has some advertising around the borders, but it IS free, and has many phone numbers that can be accessed when you travel.

Have a GREAT day!