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      What do the images to the right and the ones below below have in common?  They were all created in PhotoShop, using the program's text tool and rubber stamp tool.... and all were done in a matter of minutes.    cooltype.jpg (7533 bytes)
Source file: coolwater.jpg

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Source file: ladyeyes.jpg

woodtype.jpg (13602 bytes)
Source file for both images: woodgrain.jpg

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        Save one of the source files (coolwater.jpg, ladyeyes.jpg, or woodgrain.jpg) to your folder, open PhotoShop, and we'll create another text image.  Click here once you've saved the file to your hard drive.

      Question:  Why is the bottom "wood" image a better quality image than the one above it?   Both were created using the same source material and the exact same technique, with one minor difference.  Create a few text images of your own and play with the settings in the text tool dialog box.  See if you can figure out why one is jagged and the other isn't.
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       File: "clear.gif" ----> clear.gif (35 bytes) <---- 1 x 1 pixel.  You can't see it, so what good is it?  Hint:  There's one in the first table cell in this row.

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