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Useful or Fun Tools on the Web:

    Babelfish.  Did you know that the French translation for "Sheryl Crow is playing at Woodstock '99" is "La corneille de Sheryl joue chez Woodstock '99"?  Back into English, that means, "The crow of Sheryl plays at Woodstock ' 99". It's not perfect, but babelfish is an instant six-language translator of phrases or webpages.

    The Web Standards Organization.  A group devoted to forcing standards so all browsers will display webpages the same way.

    Coolsig.  Need a cool signature for your e-mail?  This has tons of sayings.

  • Smart Browsing....a Netscape feature.  Type the name of a company, like Nike, in the locator bar of Netscape communicator.  Watch what happens.

Cool Web, HTML, or Java/Javascript Sites:
    Gamelan is the official directory for Java.  Free development toolkits are available if you're interested.  Note" Java and Javascript aren't the same thing.
    Web Pages that Suck.  This is actually an instructive site, based on a bookof the same name.  Learn to write good web pages by looking at examples of the worst.

Other Generally Cool Stuff

    The Solar System Simulator.  See Jupiter as if you were standing on Saturn, or Mars as if you were standing on Deimos.  You control the view.

  •  Everything you ever wanted to know about my favorite food group.

    The Hamster Dance.  I can't explain.  You just have to go see it.

    Center for the Easily Amused. A page of links to some very strange stuff.

    The Public 8 Ball.  A real Magic 8 Ball.  Ask it a question and a Unix computer and a machine built from Lego blocks will shake it and show you the answer.  I kid you not, but open a second browser window, you'll have a wait.   It works in the order received.

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