Before Getting Started:

Print this and keep it next to your computer at home.

 Organizing your files:
You probably have figured out how important it is to name your files properly for a browser to "read" it, to title your page, and how important it is to keep your files organized. From the very beginning of your work on a web page, you need to be aware of organizing your files. It can get very confusing.
If your site is large enough to reak down into separate sections, (folders), then each section would have its own folder. For instance, you may want to store all of your graphics in one folder, all of your lessons in another, school related information in one, and yet another for the presentations that you may be giving.

Whatever you decide, you need to implement your system from the very beginning; that is, you should make all the folders you will need for the entire site before you begin. If you decide later to add some this can very confusing and quite likely, your links will be break.

If your site is relatively small, you could just give each different kind of file a preix that indicates what it is. For instance, your title gifs could all begin with "head", your lesson files could all begin with "lp". (I personally prefer folders....)
Naming your files:

Upload Your Site:

Before you upload: Uploading files:
Test your site: Updating files:

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