Downloading an FTP Program

These instructions are being written on June 3, 2000. Remember web sites change daily. So if you cannot follow these instructions exactly, just look around. The software is on the site somewhere.

The program we are looking for is WS_FTP LE. It is a freeware program.

Go to This site is a depository of software, some programs are shareware and some are freeware.

   There are many software depositories. If you have a favorite one, go ahead a use it.

As of today, this link takes you directly to the program we are looking for, WS_FTP LE. There are a few different versions of WS_FTP, but this one is freeware.

   Again, there are many good FTP programs. I just happen to use this one. If you are familiar
         with another one, feel free to use it.

Click to download the program to your local hard drive.

Install the program on your computer.

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