Copy the text below and paste it into your HTML document, so you don't have to retype it.

Your job is to take the text on this page, which you can copy-and-paste from the following URL,, and copy the images off the same page.  Create a web page in which the text and pictures are arranged on your page in such a way that you create a duplicate of this page.   You will be able to find the names of the images on that page also.  Remember, though, the object is to make sure you arrange the pictures so that your page looks exactly like the one on this sheet.

If you need any further information about the way images and text interact with each other, you can find it in Chapter 5 of your textbook, HTML 4 for the World Wide Web by Elizabeth Castro.  These images are all scans of photographs I have taken personally, or are digital images I have created in either Adobe Photoshop or Fractal Design's Painter, two excellent imaging programs.

So, on to the pictures:  The one above is our dog, Katie, when she was a puppy.  She was with us for fifteen years, before she finally gave in to cancer last year.  She was very smart...frighteningly so sometimes.

These are a couple of my wife's quilts.  She has an unusual style, which combines piecing with appliqué and stenciling.  The one to the right is called Mona Fuji, a sort of a Japanese Mona Lisa.  The one below is a portion of a quilt called, Peace Worth Preserving.  The feathers in the heron's wings are all created with quilting stitches, and just a little stenciled shading.  You can see more of her quilts at her website, 

The next images are examples of some of my artwork.  The first one [on the left below] is called Exhaling the Borealis. It was painted in one of the earliest versions of Fractal Design's Painter, one of my favorite programs.  The next one [on the right below] is called, Two-Ton Tango.  It looks like rocks dancing to me.  It was done in Painter 5, one of the latest [very improved] versions of the program.

katie.jpg (9526 bytes)

mona2.jpg (22361 bytes)

katie.jpg mona2.jpg

heron2.jpg (35049 bytes)

exhaling.jpg (17246 bytes)

heron2.jpg exhaling.jpg

2tontngo.jpg (35166 bytes)

duplicate.gif (1884 bytes)

2tontngo.jpg duplicate.gif