Photoshop Phun!


If Rice Won't Go to the Coast, Bring the Coast to Rice!

       There are no instructions for this exercise.  You have already used one of the two Photoshop tools you will need to do this.  The second tool is called the Rubber Stamp Tool.  It's four tools below the Selection Tool.  The other items you'll need (the image of the arch, and an image of the Oregon coastline) are on this page.  The end result should look like the final image at the bottom of this page.

rice_arch.jpg (89331 bytes)

full-size arch picture


oregoncoast.jpg (29467 bytes)

picture of the Oregon coast


rice_arch_coast.jpg (90625 bytes)

The final result really is simple to do (once you know how).

       We'll be using the Rubber Stamp Tool on Thursday.  Have fun playing with this  ...don't let it drive you crazy.

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