WS_FTP Basics









Defining Transfer

FTP is software that allows you to easily transfer files . Transfer means  "make a copy of". If you transfer a file from your computer to Rice, you are transferring, or copying, the file from your computer to the girltech computer. Two copies of the file exist: the one on your computer and the one on

Transferring does not destroy a file unless a copy already exists in the place you are transferring to. The new copy may overwrite the old one. Most FTP software will alert you and ask if you really want to do that.

Clients and Servers 

Transferring files involves two computers and two different kinds of FTP programs. 

The FTP program that runs on your computer is the FTP "client". The client program tells the server program what processes are to be performed. The client software allows you to control what the server is to perform. 

The Rice computer, is called a "server" because it serves you by performing whatever file transfer actions your client FTP program demands. 

Accessing FTP 

1. Go to the File Manager, select programs, find WS_FTP, select program. 
Profile Fields
Profile Name:   Any name you choose 
Host Name: 
Host Type:   leave on Automatic detect
User ID:   use Anonymous unless you have an account -- which you do 
Password: use the assigned password 
Account:   leave blank 
Save Password   only check this box if you are on a "safe" machine (ie. at home)
Click  OK.
Session Profile
Initial Directory 

On the left you see the initial directory of your home computer hard drive. 

The upper grey scrolling window, or directory listbox, shows the drives and directories available to you.

The lower scrolling window is a listbox showing the files within that selected directory. The picture shows the directory of Slip on the hard drive. 

Double clicking the green up arrow will open the Directory of the C drive. 

The window on the right shows you the directories accessible to you on the girltech. server. The grey scrolling window shows where you are in the server directory. 

Finding files 
The left top window shows the C drive directory of the home computer.

The right top window shows the directories on the server. 

Find the folder on your C drive that contains your web pages to be transferred. 

Double click. The files should be listed in the left bottom list box. You are now ready to transfer a file.
File Transfer :
Select the file in the file listbox that you want to transfer.

Click on the right pointing arrow.