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....or, more sources than you ever wanted to have for grants, but here they are anyway

Grants are an essential resource for educational programs today.  Writing grants doesn't have to be for the professional only.   If you know there are things you want to accomplish, but are having difficulty because of inadequate technology, don't despair.  Grant-writing can be done by individuals, for themselves or for their whole school.  It's not easy ...or fun, but it is very possible.  Here's a few hints.        Ready to get started?  Here are some sites to help you out. 
Grant Links

State of Texas' TIF Board, Grant and Loan Information

TEA School Finance and Grants Website

U.S. Government's Office of Elementary and Secondary Education  Programs and Funding

U.S. Department of Grants and Contracts

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: Grant Information

The Compaq Contributions Program accepts grant proposals from educational institutions for cash and equipment in communities where Compaq has a presence.


Grantseeker's Front Page's Grants and Funding Sources page

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Grant Sources for Educators

Morris Catholic High School's Page of Grant Resources (the private school perspective)

Education Resources: Funding and Related Resources

Grant Information (for Virginia Commonwealth University, but would apply to anyone)

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