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Examine Gender, Technology, and Teacher Education Are there differences in the way girls and boys accept and use computer-based technologies? 

  • Girls are significantly more likely than boys to enroll in clerical and data-entry classes, the 1990's version of typing.  Boys are more likely to enroll in advanced computer science and graphics courses.
  • School software programs often reinforce gender bias and stereotypical gender roles.
  • Girls consistently rate themselves significantly lower than boys on computer ability, and boys exhibit higher self-confidence and a more positive attitude about computers than do girls.
  • Girls use computers less often outside of school.  Boys enter the classroom with more prior experience with computers and other technology than girls.
What strategies and techniques can teachers use to ensure equity in the classroom?
  1. Assess where YOU are.  Find out what technology opportunities are available at your school.
  2. Intervene with effective strategies.  (You are participating in you must be doing something right!)
  3. Use Web Resources.   Many role models can be found on the web.
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