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Follow these steps:
From the menu bar [at the top of your screen], click on the word Edit.   A menu will drop down.  One of the choices in the menu will be Edit Preferences.  Click on it.  A popup dialog box will appear.  It should look like this [without the red lettering].


navigator.gif (10449 bytes)Look down the list, click on the plus symbol next to the phrase Mail & Newsgroups.  The above example shows a minus symbol, but the dialog box will probably not open that way.  When you click on the plus symbol, further choices will drop down.  Click on the word Identity, and the dialog box should then resemble the one below.
identity.gif (20032 bytes) In the field labled Your name:, enter your name, as in Luke Skywalker

In the field labled Email address:, enter your e-mail address, as in

In the field labled Organization:, enter the name of your school, as in Jedi Elementary

Don't put anything in the field labled Signature File:, we'll deal with that later.

Next Step:
     Now, click on the choice Mail Servers, and the following dialog box will appear.

In the field labeled Incoming Mail Servers, enter the following information,

In the field labeled Outgoing mail [SMTP] server:, enter the following information,

In the field labeled Outgoing mail server user name:, enter your Rice username, as in, lskywalk

Go back to the field labeled Incoming Mail Servers, and click on the button labeled Edit.  Another dialog box will appear, like the one below.

mailservers.gif (23649 bytes)
genprop.gif (8798 bytes) The Server Name should already be entered in the field, as above.  Make sure the Server Type is set to POP3 Server.  Enter your own username in the appropriate field, and make sure the rest of the window is set as above [don't check Remember password, but place a check in the other two boxes, entering the number of minutes you wish to wait between receiving downloads of any new mail your server receives for you].

Then, click on the tab labeled POP.  Another dialog box will replace the first one.  It will look like the dialog box below.

       Be sure to put a check in the box next to Leave messages on server.  You will want to leave this checked during the two weeks of this class [because that will allow you access to all your mail when you're in class]. 
       Then click on the OK button.  The small dialog box will close, leaving the original Preferences window open.   Click OK again and you're done.  You're ready to send e-mail.
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Here's How:
To open the mail program, click on the mail icon, located in the lower right-hand corner of your browser.  It should look like the icon circled in red below.

mailicon.gif (1653 bytes)

Another way to open the mail program would be to use the file menu at the top of the screen.  Click on Communicator, and choose Messenger from the drop-down menu.  In either case, another window will open.  The first thing it will do is to display any mail you have received.  The mail will be inside a window called the Inbox.  We'll carry you through the steps of sending and receiving mail later in the workshop.

To take a look at some of Messenger's features, see this display at Netscape's site.

Or look at this page of keystroke combinations that are shortcuts for the program.


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