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What is Netiquette:
Netiquette [Net Etiquette] is way of behaving on the Internet.  According to whatis_logo.gif (5767 bytes)

Netiquette is etiquette on the Internet. Since the Internet changes rapidly, its netiquette does too, but it's still usually based on the Golden Rule. The need for a sense of netiquette arises mostly when sending or distributing e-mail, posting on Usenet groups, or chatting. To some extent, the practice of netiquette depends on understanding how e-mail, the Usenet, chatting, or other aspects of the Internet actually work or are practiced. So a little preliminary observation can help. Poor netiquette because you're new is one thing, but such practices as spam and flaming are another matter. 

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What You Need to Do Follow Good Netiquette:


  • Be kind to others as you interact with them on the Internet
  • Don't react matter how smiley.gif (93 bytes) stupid smiley.gif (93 bytes) the other person is
  • Check out some of the links below for more information

Some Netiquette Links:

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