Welcome to GirlTECH. Below are a few questions to help us get an idea about your familiarity with the Internet and HTML. You are not expected to know all of the answers. You will know the answers by the end of this workshop.

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1. HTML stands for 

Hit The Mouse Lightly 
HyperText Markup Language 
How To Make Lasagna 
HyperText Made-Up Language 

2. The main purpose of a browser is to 

write your web pages automatically. 
start your computer and log into the Internet. 
display a formatted document as a web page on your screen. 
search your hard drive for important files. 

3. Web pages are written 

using a spreadsheet program. 
in any Windows program. 
only in a word processing program. 
in a text editor. 

4. FTP is used to

Find Total Pictures 
transfer files between computers. 
send an e-mail message. 
write a web page. 

5. A search engine (such as Yahoo, Lycos,AltaVista) is 

a program you must install on your computer. 
available to anyone who has access to the Internet. 
available at an extra service charge each month. 
a monthly magazine reviewing Internet sites. 

6. A URL is? 

an e-mail address. 
a Univeral Relay Line for FTP'ing files. 
An extra fast connection to the Internet. 
Uniform Resource Locator or an Internet address. 

7. I would like to place a table of data in the center of the screen. What will the tags at the beginning of this table look like? 

<center> <table> 
<center this now> <table> 
<table> <center> 
None of the above. 

8. What happens if you use non-browser safe colors? 

Your visitor's browser will crash. 
The non-browser-safe colors won't appear. 
The colors may not appear correctly on 256-color monitors. 
You will be disconnected from the Internet. 

9. Identify a valid e-mail address: 


10. The types of graphic files that can be displayed by a browser are:

.jpg and .gif 
.bmp and .jpg 
.pcx and .bmp 
Any valid graphic file can be displayed. 

11. To create a hyperlink to the White House, the tag should read:

< "go to www.whitehouse.gov"> 
<a href = "http://www.whitehouse.gov"> 
<a href = "http://www.whitehouse.com">
<a href = "mailto:whitehouse@gov"> 

12. There's a picture ("MyFavPic.jpg") in the FavImages folder inside the WebPages folder that contains the HTML document "TheBest.html" in which I want the photo to appear. What will the IMG tag look like? 

<IMG SRC="MyFavPic.jpg"> 
<IMG SRC="FavImages/TheBest.html/MyFavPic.jpg"> 
<IMG SRC="WebPages/FavImages/MyFavPic.jpg"> 
<IMG SRC="FavImages/MyFavPic.jpg"> 

13. Any image that appears on a web page

is free. I can save it to my disk and use it whenever I like. 
is probably copyrighted and cannot be taken for personal use.
is copyrighted and if you use it, the owners might sue you.
is copyrighted, but potentially available. Always ask permission.

14. Alta Vista is 

the name of a beautiful mountain view. 
a powerful search engine . 
whatever is on your neighbor's computer screen. 
a way to make your web site more interesting. 

15. A Bookmark 

by default is stored for 60 days. 
file can contain a maximum of 100 bookmarks. 
is made whenever you visit a web site. 
is a placeholder containing the title and URL of a Web site you select.

16. Yahoo! on the Web is a

shout of joy. 
listing of search engines. 
content directory. 
subject directory. 

17. Which of the following is not a search tool?

meta search engines 
subject directories 
keyword strategies 

18. Which of the following is not a reason why a Web page may take a long time to load?

A large graphical image appears on the page. 
There is high traffic on the Internet. 
The speed of your connection to the Internet is slow. 
The number of appliances you have plugged into your electrical outlets.

19. The domain .edu means the web site you are accessing is a 

commercial site. 
educational site. 
government site. 
non-profit organization.

20. You can make a link to all of these except 

a web page at a remote web server 
an anchor or target in the same document 
a target in another document 
a web page on a computer not on the network 

Please list your expectations for the course.

What ONE thing do you absolutely need to know about web pages that would improve the quality of your life?


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