What are Web Pages?
Pages of text with coded messages telling a browser what to do.
The acronym HTML stands for hypertex markup language.  Either you or some web authoring software needs to write the code.  All computer platforms or operating systems, i.e.. Mac, PC, Unix, Commodore (remember those???) can recognize these files.

How do you actually make a Web Page?
You first need a basic understanding of the HTML code.  The GirlTECH sessions will help you get through this and this knowledge will be extremely valuable when the web authoring software package "breaks" something.  To make web pages without writing any code, you need to buy a software package.  Some are listed below.  We will work some with an eidtor, but not yet!

 HoTMetaL PRO 6.0
Adobe GoLive
 $ www.adobe.com
CoffeeCup <HTML> Editor
$ http://www.coffeecup.com/editor/
Clari Home Page 
$ www.claris.com 
 NetObjects Fusion
 $ www.netobjects.com
  Microsoft FrontPage
 $  http://hyper-publish.com/
  Netscape Composer--examples
BBEdit Lite - for Macs
W3E 2000
Let's Do It!--On Your Own!

extra help:  The Basics @ HTML Goodies

HTML4--Peachpit Press
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