There are some pages you'll want to go back to again and again. Because locations on the History List eventually disapear, the way to permanently mark the location of a page is to make a bookmark

To add a page to your Bookmark List, click on Add Bookmark (Bookmarks/Add Bookmark.) You will notice that the name of that page (with a green bookmark icon next to it) is added to the bottom of the Bookmark List.

Eventually there will be a long list of bookmarked pages, and you will want to organize the pages into folders.

To make a folder click on New Folder (Bookmarks/Edit Bookmarks/File/New Folder.)

When the New Folder popup box appears, type in the name of the folder in the blank next to name. You can also describe the contents of this folder for future reference.

To move or delete a page or folder, open Edit Bookmarks. Use drag and drop to move pages into folders and change the order of pages and folders. To delete a page or folder, highlight it and press the delete key.

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