Often you will use Netscape to look at web sites and pages for an extended time. There are several buttons and options that will make this easier for you.

The Home button sends you back to the beginning page that always opens each session. This can be set in Netscape Preferences.

The Back and Forward buttons allow you
to view previous pages. Use this when you only want to move one or two pages in either direction.

The Go menu allows you to view a page from the current session. Use this if you want to move several pages back or forward. If you close the current Netscape window, this list disapears.

The History List (Communicator/Tools/History) gives a list of recently viewed pages that can go back several days. How far back depends on your Netscape Preferences.

Once inside the History List, you can sort and view the list of pages in several ways. Double clicking on a page will send you to that location on the Internet.

The Stop button will stop a page from loading. Use this button when you change your mind or get tired of waiting for large graphics, video, and sound files to load.

The Reload button will give you the most up-to-date version of a web page. You do not always see a current page because your computer stores copies of frequently accessed pages in the memory cache. Reload will override the cache with a fresh web page.

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