Lesson Unit Checklist

We are nearing the end of the two weeks of TeacherTECH, and it's time to fine tune your lesson unit until it's a truly quality product. Below is a checklist of the things that each page should have to be professional looking.

  1. Title bars are labeled consistently in your lesson as in:

    Frogs! - Table of Contents
    Frogs! - Introduction
    Frogs! - Frog Hunt Activity

    Title bar in your personal index page gives your name as in:

    Ellie Mae Clampett

    Title bar in your lessons list page appears:

    Ellie Mae Clampett - Lessons

  2. The colors for the background, titles, subtitles, text and links are consistent on all the pages

  3. The face and size of the fonts are consistent for the titles, subtitles and text on all the pages

  4. All links work. This applies to all the internal links between your pages as well as to the external links that go to remote sites.

  5. All of the images on all the pages show up. This applies to logo titles, clipart, photographs and animated gifs

  6. The credits to GirlTECH and copyright line appear at the bottom of each important page.

  7. A navigation phrase or Home button on every page links back to your Table of Contents page. That page links back to your personal index page.

  8. Meta tags are embedded in the important pages of your unit.

View this example of a lesson. It starts with a participant index page, so scroll down and select her Online Lessons. Then go to the "Frogs!" lesson.

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