Free Clip Art

Clip art and photographs will make any lesson more appealing. Although every drawing and photo on the web is copyrighted, there are plenty of sites that have free material. Some of these sites will want you to give them credit or link to their site. Read their copyright restrictions before downloading material.

To save an image out of a Netscape window, position your cursor on it and do a right click. In the box that appears scroll down and select Save Image As. A Save As... window will pop up and at that point you can save the image on your disk, hard drive, or network.

Here are several ways to find the image you need:

  1. Go to and enter the kinds of graphic you want. For example, entering Free Photographs got a list that included 3D's Cafe's Free Photographs

    NOTE: Locating your graphics this way can also give you pornographic sites. Read the descriptions of the sites before you go there.

  2. Go to a site that gives results with an education orientation. One well-known place is Kathy Schrock's Site which is now hosted by Use the search engine that only searches in Schrock's section.

  3. Go to the large general clipart sites. An example is Clip Art Connection. These sites are a little tricky to navigate because they are loaded with advertisements. Be sure you are clicking to their archive. It's all to easy to click to an advertisement or click yourself in a circle (you'll know what this is when you do it.)

  4. There also more subdued general sites such as Cool Archive IconBAZAAR and Web Sources

  5. Microsoft has Design Gallery Live which has pictures meant to use in Word. However, their thumbnail pictures can be right-clicked and saved for your web pages. The license says this is permitted provided your computer uses Microsoft Office products

  6. A nice collection of clip art sites is available at Web Clip Art. You can search by categories or by a search engine.

  7. When your usual favorite places don't have what you need, try This is a searchable database of free graphics sites on the web. Sites are reviewed, rated, and divided into categories.

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