Downloading Dreamweaver

Macromedia allows you to use a trial copy of Dreamweaver for 30 days. Below are step-by-step instructions for downloading a trial copy.
  1. Go to the Macromedia site and select Downloads.
  2. On the download page click on the "Try" icon next to Dreamweaver.
  3. On the next page select "Go to Trial Download".
  4. On the next page press the "Continue without Login" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill in the blanks that appear on the next two pages and then press next at the bottom of each page.
  6. On the next page select the "Try" icon next to English under your operating system (Windows or Macintosh.)
  7. Select a directory (probably you want My Download Files) in which the installation program will be stored.
  8. The download will start at this point and will take an hour or more. Once it is finished, you will be prompted to install.
  9. When it is fully downloaded, click on "Install an InstallShield Wizard."
  10. You will be prompted to select options. Probably you will want to accept all of the default options.
  11. The process of installing the trial version of Dreamweaver will now start and will last about 10 minutes.
  12. When Dreamweaver is finally installed, press "Finish."
  13. A set of icons and information to read will appear. Drag the icon to your destop.
  14. After the installation, you will have to restart your computer.
  15. Select the Dreamweaver icon on your desktop and click on the "Try" button. You'll have to click "Try" every time you open Dreamweaver in this trial version.
  16. A blank page will open and you are set to write web pages!
  17. If the program is not purchased at the end of the trial period, it will be automatically disabled.


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