Basic HTML, Part 1

Create pages that look like the ones listed below, and you will learn the most basic parts of HTML. To find out how these pages are made, click on one of the links so that the page opens, pull down the View menu and click on Page Source. This will show you the code that created the page.

Recreate the tags and text you see in the Page Source window on a Notepad page and save them as files with an .html extension (for example, basic1.html) inside a folder called htmltutorial1.html When you do this, be sure to select "All Files" next to "Save as type."

To view your newly created page in Netscape, pull down the File menu and select Open Page. Click on the Choose File button, find where you saved your file, highlight it, click on Open, and then click on the second and final Open.

  1. A basic page
  2. Fonts and size
  3. Spaces
  4. Readability
  5. Centering and indenting
  6. Rules
  7. Hidden comments

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