Types of Links Absolute, Relative, E-Mail

Types of Links - Reading URL's

URL - Uniform Resource Locator (an Internet address)

3 parts of a URL

Absolute Links (External)

These links lead the reader to a remote server, somewhere out on the web.

Example: http://web66.coled.umn.edu/

In your .html document:

<a href = "http://www.kleinoak.esc4.net"> Klein Oak High School Web Site</a>

Relative Links

These links point to a file or image located in the current directory.

Example: page2.html

In your .html document:

<a href = "page2.html"> Go to the next page </a>

E-mail Links

This link activates the users e-mail program and inserts your e-mail address TO: line.

Example: Send me a message!

In your .html document:

<a href ="mailto:myname@serviceprovider.hereÓ> Send me message! </a>

Further thoughts about organizing your web files

Organize, on paper or in your head, the structure your pages will have. In my directory, I have folders for pages depending on the content. I have a folder for all of my C++ pages, another one for my HTML lectures, another for student downloads, another for all my images.

Putting all of my images into a separate folder really helps keep me organized, but it involves a little strategy.

My first page lives at:


(The / means a directory.)

My C++ reference pages live at:


(Notice the new directory that branches from myname.)

I have an image on one of my C++ pages. Since I have my images in a separate directory, I must tell my browser to look in another directory.

<img src = "../Images/mypic.gif">

../ means to move up one level on this tree structure and find a directory called images. Then point to mypic.gif

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