Photoshop -- reality is not a barrier

Photoshop frees your creativity like no other program can! You'll find this out as you make graphics that contain images and situations you once saw only in your dreams.

The Christmas Card Project

Create a picture similar to the Fun Photo project (you won't make the web pages that go with it, just that opening picture.) Of course your picture will have a Christmas theme.

Use scanned or digital pictures of yourself and/or their family and put everyone in snowy backgrounds with santas, reindeer, angels, etc. Make it fun. Draw Santa hats and beards on everyone. Turn friends and family into Christmas ornaments on a tree. Draw wings on your pets and have them fly around as angels. Remember, reality is not a barrier.

As a last step save it all as a .jpg and take it home on a disk. Attach the picture to e-mails and send them to friends and relatives for Christmas.

Techniques Used

This project involves:
  • working with layers
  • selecting(polygonal lasso, magic wand, select all)
  • moving a selection
  • selecting and deleting
  • erasing
  • cloning
  • free transform
  • changing image size
  • zooming
  • painting
  • drawing
  • filters (brightness/contrast, color balance, sharpness, lighting effects)
  • text
  • using layer effects
Other techniques will be taught as needed. If you have ever done the first lesson in Photoshop's tutorial (the melon head man,) then you'll see that this is an extension of that. This is an intermediate level lesson.


Image search engines

Christmas Photo and Clipart sites

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