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       What do all the images to the right have in common?  They were all created in PhotoShop, using the program's text tool and rubber stamp tool.... and all were done in a matter of minutes.


cool.gif (4128 bytes)
Source file: coolwater.jpg

eyes.gif (11923 bytes)
Source file: ladyeyes.jpg


Question:  Is one of these images better quality than the other?   They have both been saved as .gif files.  Both were created using the same source material and the same technique. wood.gif (12588 bytes)
Source file for both images: woodgrain.jpg

wood2.gif (12822 bytes)

       Save one of the source files above to your folder, open PhotoShop, and we'll create another one.
clear.gif (35 bytes)

File: "clear.gif" ----> clear.gif (35 bytes) <---- 1 x 1 pixel.  You can't see it, so what good is it?  Hint:  There's one in the first table cell in this row.

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