....what you need to do to actually get the grant

Writing a grant proposal is often tedious, time-consuming work. It requires tremendous focus and organization, but isn't impossible. Does the effort outweigh the benefits? Maybe. Maybe not. Here are some tips, followed by links to websites which offer instructions or helpful suggestions.

  • Do your homework. Learn your organization well enough that you have a sense of the needs of the members (teachers and students).
  • Grants are NOT about the money.  To write a successful grant, establish the need your school has, tie that need to an educational goal you want to accomplish, and show how the resources you are asking for will accomplish that goal.
  • Work in teams.  Find others at your school who are interested in the same things, and divide the task of grantwriting up.  Grants are always broken into sections.   Different people can write different sections, but have one person do the final polishing of the language, so the wording has a similar flavor throughout.
  • Begin to store information that will be useful from grant to grant.  Almost all grants ask for very similar information, a history of the school and its educational philosophy, demographics on the students, and other background material of various kinds.   Obtain a copy of your school's Improvement Plan, its Technology Plan, documents that outline the state of the technology at the school, etc.  As you write more grants, save copies (on disk of course) of other grants you've written.  Some material will transfer from grant to another.
  • See if your district has a Grant Department, or offers training in grant writing.
  • ....or, if you're really serious, hire a professional.  If a school pays a grantwriter $30,000 a year, and that grantwriter successfully obtains grants worth $100,000 or more, your money hasn't been wasted (and your teachers have remained free for other duties teaching!).
                                                Here are some sites about grantwriting itself. 
Grantwriting Links

A Proposal Writing Short Course (versions in English, Spanish, French and Russian)

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Writing the Research Grant Proposal (from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University)

How to Write Grants -- the best kept secret in the school business.(article in The Journal Online)

Copies of these two pages can be found on TeacherTECH's site at these addresses.