You are now ready to create your very first "homepage" using the skills learned in Dreamweaver.

I. You will need to create a folder on the Rice Lab's server. This is VERY important since all files on the desktop will be deleted when the machines are shut down. Open my computer, or Windows Explorer and navigate to the U drive and open the girltech (samba) folder. Right click to create a new folder and rename it whatever your girltech user name is. (ie. sboone).

II. You have a homepage that has been created for you. Find this page under the 2002 participant's list. Click on your name and you will discover a VERY BASIC template. It does have a few very good points. There is a proper e-mail link, and the credits that should be on each page are found at the bottom of the page. Follow these steps to personalize your homepage.

  1. View source for the homepage template file. (It should open in notepad). Save the file as index.htm in your named folder on the U (girltech) drive in the Rice Lab.
  2. Open this file in Dreamweaver. Save as index.htm in your named folder on the U (girltech) drive.
  3. Locate your picture on the schedule page (link to "Get your Headshots")...or click on the link provided here.
  4. Modify your page. Delete the hints, replace Participant's Name with your own and correct the mailto link.
  5. This is the very first page the "world" will see. Make it interesting enough that your audience will be interested in what you have to offer. You can update this page often, create a comments form, and add other interesting items. A link to your lesson pages must be on this page.

E-mail your index.htm and your image file to yourself. This must be done the last ten minutes of class.


If you do not have Dreamweaver on your home machine, you should load the 30 day trial version included on the CD in your TeacherTECH notebook.

You should have some sort of simple word processor on your computer (notepad or wordpad). I do not recommend that Word be used.

Check your mail and open that attachments your sent yourself in class. Complete your homepage page for homework and e-mail all files associated with this page to YOURSELF, so they will be available for use in class tomorrow. Be sure to attach all image files you used.

These pages were made through TeacherTECH, the teacher professional development component of GirlTECH, which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI, RGK Foundation, the Verizon Foundation, Rice University, and HiPerSoft.

Copyright © June 2002 by Susan Boone.