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An Overview of Educational BLOGS 
from November Learning:  www.novemberlearning.com
other Blog information: edublogs.org

Weblogs provide teachers and students with the opportunity to communicate and collaborate in new and exciting ways. A blog (short for weblog) is an interactive web page where individuals can post entries, articles, links, and pictures, and ask others to join into conversations. For educators, they are a way to expand the boundaries of learning. Teachers can post entries for students, parents, and for professional development purposes. Students can engage with others in their community or around the world. Work can be published to an authentic audience.

Blogs are easily adaptive into most curriculum areas. They are relatively simple to use, can be accessed by anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection, and content can be published online in a matter of minutes.

Educators around the country have started using blogs in a multitude of areas:

Information/Communication Tools:

Teachers can post student writing, artwork, information about homework, upcoming events. Parents can have access to events and projects in your classroom.

  • Online Filing Cabinets:
    Students and teachers can use a blog as a place to store assignments, links, plans, and handouts.
  • Collaborative Tools:
    Students can extend conversations outside of the classroom, and collaborate with invited guests from around the world and from within the community.
  • Literature Circles:
    Book clubs can involved students and parents, or students from other communities.
  • Online Discussions:
    Blogs can work as a discussion group for students and staff in every discipline: Science to reflect on labs, Social Studies for current events, English for prewriting on central themes of novels, etc.
  • Professional Development:
    Teachers can use blogs as portfolios or as an archived discussion of their practice, both formal and informal.
  • Writing tools:
    Students can have interactive electronic journals or post completed works to an authentic audience.

This information is from November Learning, www.novemberlearning.com.

Practice 'blogging'

Access the following URL: http://sboone.edublogs.org/

There are two posts about the topics covered in TeacherTECH today. Your homework assignment will be to post comments to these.

To add comments, you can click on the title, and you will have access to a comment box.

Create your own blog

edublogs.org provides free, fully functional WordPress blogs hosted on our dedicated top-of-the range server. With these you can create individual posts in a traditional blog-style, pages of static content indexed in your sidebar and select from any number of themes to give life to your new blog.

In addition to this you can upload up to 25MB of images, audio, documents, powerpoints or other digital material you want to share. Posting these is as simple as dragging and dropping them to your posting window.


Introduction to Blogs
Blogging in WordPress

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