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Site Set-Up in Dreamweaver

How to Setup Dreamweaver for FTP

     The instructions below apply to Macromedia's Dreamweaver on the Macintosh or a Windows based PC.

  1. You must first use the Manage Site option. Open Dreamweaver => go to the Sites menu => select Manage Sites- if you haven’t done so already, select “New” in the window below. If you've already created a site, select your site name and click on the Edit" button.

  2. Choose the advanced tab from the top of the window. The settings that you need to modify are pictured below. In the Category " Local Info", enter the

    Site Name - this can be anything of your choice.
    Local Root Folder - click on the icon of the folder and then locate the directory (folder) where you intend to save your web site files to. If you've already created some of the web site files, simply locate them and specify as your local root folder. This is the path where you have your files saved on your hard drive.
    HTTP Address - this is the URL that you would display in a browser to pull up your web page. Be sure to replace "Username" with YOUR username provided by the TeacherTECH administrators. If you have a question about this, please contact Hilena Vargas.

  3. Lastly, you need to specify the Remote Info as outlined below.

    Server Access - set this to FTP
    FTP Host - enter the TeacherTECH host information as shown below.
    Host Directory - leave this blank - when you have successfully logged in, you will be at the root level of your web site directory. You do NOT have to switch directories - simply start uploading your files!
    Login - enter your username (i.e. - hvargas) as provided by the TeacherTECH administrators.
    Password - enter your password as provided by the TeacherTECHadministrators. It is against the Rice Computer Usage policy to share your password with others. You can review the policy online for further information. Please think twice about checking the save password button below!
    Use passive FTP: Check this option only if after following all the steps described above, you could not connect successfully to the server.

    You should now be able to connect to the TeacherTECH web server via FTP and Dreamweaver..

Note: When you login to your web account, you will see a folder called “FTPRoot”. This is the TeacherTECH website. You will be able to see it, but you will not be able to make any changes to it. DO NOT transfer these files to your hard drive. It this happens, you can delete the files.


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