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Elements of graphic design
Even a little bit of good graphic design goes a long way. These two GirlTECH lessons were both made in 1995. Which one was redone to look better? Why does it look better? Study the design information on the following pages. Then look at the National History Day and ThinkQuest examples and critique them using those principles.  

The National History Day contest is a contest where students make history projects that follow a new theme each year. As you go through these entries in California, you will notice a wide variation in good and bad design, even among the winners.

California History Day 2004 Website Contest

  • Junior Individual Winners are 1720 and 1721,
    the alternate is 1704
  • Junior Group Winners are 1807 and 1810,
    the alternate is 1803
  • Senior Individual Winners are 2707 and 2714,
    the alternate is 2728
  • Senior Group Winners are 2809 and 2831,
    the alternate is 2803

ThinkQuest is a contest where students share their knowledge by creating a website that helps others learn. One site is a first place winner and one is not. Pick the winner and think about why the site is so good.

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