Why do the participants come?

Why do the instructors come?

  • It's fun to
    • teach highly motivated teachers
    • use the TeacherTECH human network
    • work with the TeacherTECH electronic network
    • work with Rice University
What happens for two weeks?

And after the training?

  • Follow-up sessions extend the skills

  • Networking keeps us connected
  • Gender issues are addressed
  • Careers change
    • Cynthia Lanius - High school math teacher
      -->Associate Director of the Math Forum @ Drexel
    • Michael Sirois - Technology specialist
      -->Program manager for CEEE
    • Barbara Christophet - Computer science teacher
      -->Web design teacher
    • Susan Boone - Algebra teacher
      -->Web design teacher
    • Judy Woods - Technology specialist
      -->Educational media specialist
    • Karen North - Computer science teacher
      -->Technology systems teacher
    • Richard Hulbert-- CTE teacher
      -->Campus Network Specialist

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