Changing Your Charon & GirlTECH server Passwords

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You have two Rice accounts: a Charon account, which you dial in to via SLIP or PPP software and a phone line, and a GirlTECH server account, where your World Wide Web and Unix files live.

Each account is different and should have a different password. You do not want to keep the passwords that we gave you on day one. However, please do not change your passwords until your home/school computers can successfully get into Rice.

Choosing New Passwords

Before you change your passwords, you'll need to take a few moments and create new passwords that are easy for you to type and to remember. The Rice system is very picky about what it will let you change your password to. Basically, it will not accept anything that can be found in a dictionary. Here are some tips.


  • Take a regular word and rearrange the syllables: window --> dowwin (Thanks, Cynthia Lanius)
  • Take a statement and make it one word: I like Ike --> IlikeIke
  • Take a keyword and insert numbers/capitals: Chris --> 19Chris96

Changing Your Charon Password

To change your Charon password, telnet to -- you can do this through WinQVT/Net after you start Trumpet Winsock (or TCP Manager). When the telnet session asks you for your username, type cpasswd. It will then prompt you for your old username and old password, and then the new password you wish to use.

Changing Your GirlTECH server Password

To change your GirlTECH password, telnet to your GirlTECH account (, and at the Unix prompt type passwd. You will have to type in your old password and your new one.

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