What Makes a Good Webpage?

To score a webpage, assess each criterion below as Poor, Good, or Excellent. Then assign each Poor rating 0 points, each Good 1 point, and each Excellent 2 points.

URL of page assessed:______________________________

Title of page assessed:______________________________

Criteria Description SCORE
Format is
Well Organized.
Site's structure makes sense and it is easily navigated. Multi-pages exhibit consistency.  
Format is
Easy to use.
The page is quickly downloaded. Graphics are interesting and relevant. Text is easy to read.  
Format is
Aesthetically Pleasing
The page demonstrates an attractive use of graphics, color, and page layout. Background coordinates with text colors and graphics. Animation (if any) is justifiable.  
Content is
Information is accurate, complete, and current.  
Content is
Content is meaningful and important. Contact information is included.  
Content is
Information is interesting and likely to be revisited.  
Additional Criteria For Teaching Materials Only
Content is
Integrates several content areas or disciplines.  
Learning requires
Higher-order Thinking.
Challenges learners to think, reflect, discuss, hypothesize, compare, classify, etc.  
Lesson is
Learner is actively involved in the process.  
Lesson engages
Multiple Intelligences
(language, math, interpersonal, spatial, musical, physical).
Effectively integrates at least 3 intelligences or talents.  
Lesson includes
Evaluation of Learning.
Uses multiple assessment techniques to evaluate learning.  
Lesson includes
Teacher Plans.
Gives adequate instructions to teachers on its use and includes printouts where appropriate.  

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as Adapted from Blue Web'n