What Makes a Good Webpage?

To score a webpage, assess each criterion below as Poor, Good, or Excellent. Then assign each Poor rating 0 points, each Good 1 point, and each Excellent 2 points.

URL of page assessed: The Birthday Problem

Title of page assessed: http://www.mste.uiuc.edu/reese/birthday/intro.html

Criteria Description SCORE
Format is
Well Organized.
Site's structure makes sense and it is easily navigated. Multi-pages exhibit consistency. 1
Format is
Easy to use.
The page is quickly downloaded. Graphics are interesting and relevant. Text is easy to read. 2
Format is
Aesthetically Pleasing
The page demonstrates an attractive use of graphics, color, and page layout. Background coordinates with text colors and graphics. Animation (if any) is justifiable. 0
Content is
Information is accurate, complete, and current. 2
Content is
Content is meaningful and important. Contact information is included. 2
Content is
Information is interesting and likely to be revisited. 2
Additional Criteria For Teaching Materials Only
Content is
Integrates several content areas or disciplines. 1
Learning requires
Higher-order Thinking.
Challenges learners to think, reflect, discuss, hypothesize, compare, classify, etc. 2
Lesson is
Learner is actively involved in the process. 2
Lesson engages
Multiple Intelligences
(language, math, interpersonal, spatial, musical, physical).
Effectively integrates at least 3 intelligences or talents. 1
Lesson includes
Evaluation of Learning.
Uses multiple assessment techniques to evaluate learning. 1
Lesson includes
Teacher Plans.
Gives adequate instructions to teachers on its use and includes printouts where appropriate. 1
  TOTAL 17

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as Adapted from Blue Web'n