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Design Tips

by Cynthia Lanius

I suspect that most of the users of this page will be teachers, chemists, engineers, or students, etc. Making webpages is merely an adjunct to their real careers. However, there are people whose career it is to just do this, make webpages. And they've done a great service for the rest of us, and given us the benefit of their advice on web design. So here it is: what the experts say.

From the Experts

WWW Style from NCSA A very comprehensive list of sites for web design.
The Sevloid Guide in Web Design My personal favorite - The stated philosophy of good design is clean, elegant layout that is easy to read and simple to navigate.
Rice Info's World Wide Web Style Guide These pages give excellent advice on some Rice-specific, as well as more general topics.
The Web Developer's Virtual Library My newest favorite - plan on spending a few hours at this one site.

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These pages were developed through GirlTECH '97, a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. Copyright 1997 Cynthia Lanius