Popping Popcorn

What would happen if I placed a popcorn popper in the middle of the room, took the lid off and turned it on?
Can you predict how many kernels will land on colored circles placed around the popper, how many kernels will be
left in the popper and how many kernels will fall in other places in three minutes? HINT: POPCORN BEGINS POPPING IN APPROXIMATELY ONE MINUTE. Use the chart below to make you predictions and to record the actual results.

200 Kernels Prediction Actual
Red ________________ ________________
Green ________________ ________________
Blue ________________ ________________
Yellow ________________ ________________
Orange ________________________________
Left in Popper ________________ ________________
Other ________________ ________________
Total ________________ ________________

Design a spreadsheet that will display your collected data. Include a column that shows what percentage fell in each category for the actual results. Make sure to use the proper label and to format the last two columns as percentages. Create a chart to format the last two columns as percentages. Create a chart to the results. Use your spreadsheet to solve the math problems below.
  1. A new jar of popcorn holds 3000 kernels of corn. If you pop the entire jar, approximately how many kernels would you expect to land on blue?
  2. How many kernels of corn would you have to pop in order to have approximately 50 pieces land on green?
  3. What is the probability of landing on either red or yellow?
  4. What percentage of the popcorn landed on the circles?