Your chemistry student may come in one day and bellow,

And your response would be...?
  • "Chemistry?...I don't think so?"
  • "Tutor? Where are we going to get a tutor?!"
  • "(Silence...) Ask your Dad.

"Uh,Dad? Uhm, I'm not doing so well in chemistry and I need a little help. Could you look at this?"

And your response would be...?
  • "Chemistry, you say? Uhm, let me see the book.(Sigh)"
  • "Let's see. I believe that it'll be right here in the chapter. Uhm...(Silent reading) How much do you think a tutor would cost me?"
  • "(Silence...) Ask your Mom."

(I know what you"re thinking about now.)

"Can someone help me, please?"