Journal for Monday 07/19/04

1. What are your own personal goals for these two weeks at TeacherTECH?

My own goal is to improve my knoledge about web page creating. Also I would like to learn how to download music from the Internet, and add sounds and music into web page.

2. What ways have you thought to integrate technology into your classroom? If you are not a classroom teacher, what do you plan to do

I teach Technology Applications, that's why I am going to integrate technology during each my lesson, this is just my subject.

3. Have you heard anything so far that will be especially challenging for you? Why?

I am thinking about my lesson that I will use for my future web page. Also I like the web page with chat on it.

Journal for Tuesday 07/20/04

1. Were you successful in loading Dreamweaver MX trial version to your computer?


2. Were you successful in creating hyperlinks today? Explain the difference between a relative and an absolute link.

Yes, I was successful.

There are two ways to put links to Internet addresses on your webpages. One way is to use absolute URLs in the HREF="..." attribute (i.e., a site's entire Internet address, all the way from the http:// on down to the pagename.html). These URLs show an "absolute" path through a folder structure to a Web page, from the server down to the specific file. For example, the absolute path for this web page is: Absolute paths are essential when linking outside of your site because your browser can't locate a file on the Web unless it knows the site's exact location. When you click on an absolute path to a web page on the Internet, you have to have a live Internet connection to reach that site. This can be a problem if you want to test your own pages on your computer before making them live. For this reason, when you're linking to another page within your own site, it can be helpful to set up your links using relative paths instead of absolute paths. Relative paths tell your browser the location of other Web pages within your site's folder structure "relative" to the page you happen to be viewing, using a shorthand of "../" to indicate movement one level up in the folder hierarchy. To move two levels up, just double the shorthand by using "../../" (Old-school DOS and UNIX users will recognize this shorthand immediately.) The page you're reading right now is in a folder called "basics". One of the images we used at the top of our main Index page (the right part of the TeacherTECH logo) is located in the images folder (which is in the TeacherTECH folder, just like the basics folder is). If we wanted to link to that image from this page, we could either write out the absolute path, like this: Or we could write a link indicating the picture's location relative to this page's location, i.e., the "gt_rightlogo.jpg" image in the images folder, which is the same level as the "basics" folder, like this: ../images/gt_rightlogo.jpg

3. Did you sit by a new person during the presentation at the beginning of the day? Have you met someone that you are interested in networking with during the school year? What is their name and e-mail address.

Yes I did, byt I did not ask about her name and e-mail yet.

4. What is the topic of the lesson/web site that you will be working on in class?

How to search information and how to create web links. We also learned absolute and relative links.

4. What is the topic of the lesson/web site that you will be working on in class?

The topic is "My Class" or "Technology Applications Class"

Journal for Wednesday 07/21/04

1. Describe your lesson in a short paragraph. Include it's title, grade level, goals, activities and how the students will be evaluated.

Grade 7.
Goal is to teach students Technology Applications using web page as an online resourse. Students will work with the web site as well as they work using some printed tutorials.Testing online or with paper, I do not decide yet. It is going to be web site of my class that will help my student to work with every day objectives. It is not just one lesson, but almost all lessons from the course I teach. I also want to add some links about technology, music and educational games. Thank you Ms. Boone for your greate idea and your permition to use it for my project.
2. How will your lesson use technology?

It is Technology, because it is interactive online learning.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

1.  Comment on success/struggles.  What would help you MOST to develop quality lessons during the next week?

Susan's help. Susan's help. Susan's help!

Friday, July 23, 2004

1.  Were you able to transfer your files from home to the TeacherTECH server ?  If not, what did you try, and how can the support of TeacherTECH help? 

I can do it any time I need. It works good for me.

2.  Reflect on one experience that you have had dealing with an underrepresented minority in your work environment.  (something similar to Dr. Tapia's reflections).

I do not have this kind of experience yet.

3.  What impact will Dr. Tapia's presentation from last Wednesday have on how you work with your students this year?

Help my students to believe that they can be successful.

Monday, July 26, 2004

1.  What has attracted you to online lessons in the past?  Include to what degree it has been content, visual attractiveness or multimedia elements (sounds, videos, games, etc.) 2. Who is the audience for your lesson unit?  How have you designed it to attract that audience?

I would like my students have online lessons (7 grade). This lessons are going to be multimedia, including Power Point Presantations.

3. Do you feel the pace of the class is good for you? Why or why not?

It is good basically, but I would like to spend more time for practical work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

1. Make a list of the things you need to do to finish your lesson unit and be ready to present on Friday. As you finish these things, come back to this list in your journal and write DONE next to the item.

I need to include my lessons and my student's projects. I already have them, I just need to post them online.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

1. What are the pros and cons of using "bells and whistles" such as java script, animations, etc.?

I like those features, they make web page more fancy and professional. No cons for me.

2. Look through your to-do list from Tuesday and put DONE by the things you have finished. Add any new jobs you need to do.
I added part of my lessons and students' work, need to add more.