Let's Practice Keyboarding

GRADE LEVEL: Grades 3 through 12

OBJECTIVES: For students to practice/reinforce their keyboarding skills after all the keys have been introduced. The teacher should stress accuracy rather than speed. The students will also review the parts of speech.


  1. Students are to type all silly sentences, stressing particular keys of the alphabet.
  2. Students strive for a typing rhythm.
  3. Print out a hard copy of the silly sentences.
Anxious Annie always attends an annual affair.
Beautiful Betty beats big bananas.
Careful Cathy caught a cartful of cute curly catfish.
Dreadful Dan drove down the dirty ditch.

EXTENSIONS: Have students prepare the silly sentences themselves, composing as they type. They could start off with rhyming adjectives and nouns; i.e. beautiful bees busily buzz, angry ants are amazingly awful, etc.

EVALUATION: Teacher observation, hard copy of printout in a given time frame.
These pages were developed through GirlTECH , a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. Copyright December 1997 by Cynthia Lanius. Thanks to the RGK Foundation for its generous support of GirlTECH.