Conjugation of Regular Verbs Ending in "ar" in Present Indicative Tense

Adriana E. Rodríguez
Durkee Elementary School
Subjects: Kindergarten

Topic: Conjugation of regular verbs ending in "ar" in Present of Indicative  

Purpose: Students will learn to conjugate regular verbs, whose infinitive form ending is "ar", in the present tense of indicative.

Materials: List of regular verbs ending in "ar"

Prior knowledge: Students need to differenciate verbs in infinitive as well as regular and irregular verbs.

Description: Students will learn to conjugate regular verbs ending in "ar" in present tense of indicative.

Time: 45 minutes

Procedure: The student will conjugate verbs in the present tense of indicative.

Suggested URLs pertaining to lesson:  La página del idioma español.COM


  1. Review the difference between regular and irregular verbs.
  2. Students can help create a list of regular verbs ending in "ar".
  3. Conjugate one of the verbs in simple tense of indicative.
  4. Help students to differentiate the ending for each grammatical person.
  5. Copy the endings in a list.
  6. Choose another verb from the list and substitute the ending "ar" for the corresponding endings for present tense.
  7. Let students work with a partner and conjugate some of the verbs in the list.
  8. Have students create sentences in affirmative, interrogative and negative using the verbs that they already conjugated.

Gender Issues: Some examples of regular verbs whose infinitive ends in "ar" are: abandonar, amasar, nadar, atacar, cantar, dibujar, faltar, gastar, llorar, hablar, interesar, orar, mirar, sudar, quitar, ganar, viajar, refresacar. Remember the engings for present indicative tense are: o, as, a, amos, an, an.

Example of the conjugation of the verb "cantar".
yo canto
tú cantas
él canta
nosotros cantamos
ustedes cantan
ellos cantan

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