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For a little background, I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Now how I arrived in Houston,TX is a long story. Let's say I came by way of San Francisco, CA; Athens, GA; Harrisburg, PA; Whitehall and Waverly, NY. After running several businesses and an International Missionary organization, I decided to go back into the teaching field. I have taught 5th grade Language Arts, then Title I reading and math. Because I had computer experience through our businesses and ministry, I ran a CCC computer lab on a 4th and 5th grade campus and now am Technology Specialist at Carmichael Elementary in the Aldine Independent School District. Check out our Web Site - Carmichael Elementary.

I really enjoy working with our young students to help them discover the wonderful possibilites that will be open to them in the future as technology will be a very important, integral part of their daily lives. I also love it because I am always learning new things about computers and networking. I am currently involved in the GirlTECH teacher training program. Learning how to create Web Pages using HTML and being able to share lessons plans has increased my understanding of the World Wide Web.
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