Animals In Your Neighborhood

Let's use your knowlege of technology to graph animals that you and your classmates have seen in you neighborhood this week.

Notebook, pencil, Claris Works, MS Works or some other spread sheet program you know.


  1. First take your notebook and pencil and write down all the animals you see in your backyard, around your school and on your way to school.
  2. Then you and your classmates get together and tally all the animals you have all seen.
  3. Open a spread sheet program and create columns for animals and number seen.
  4. List the animals in the appropriate column of your spread sheet and then list the number seen under that column.
  5. Save your work.
  6. Compare your graphs with the graphs from another class.
    Extended Lesson:
    1. Compare your graphs through email with another class in a different school who has done the same project.

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