Let's Go Grocery Shopping

To do comparison shopping on line and in a local grocery store. Student will also total purchases, and subtract from shopping budget.

Internet access, Claris Works or similar program with a spread sheet, notebook and pencil.


  1. First open Claris Works to a new spread sheet page. Make the following heading for your columns: Items, NetGrocer, LocalGrocer.
  2. Open Internet and go to www.netgrocer.com
  3. Find prices for the following items: 1 Kellogg Smart Start Cereal; 1 gal. 2% milk; 1 pkg. Oreo cookies, 1 pkg. of 16 spaghetti, 1 jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce
  4. List the items in the item column of your spread sheet and then list the prices under NetGrocer.
  5. Total list and save your work. Also print one copy to take with you to the local grocery store.
  6. With your family, go to the local grocery store and write down prices for each of the items on your list.
  7. Enter the prices on your spread sheet and total the local grocery store prices.
  8. Which store is a better (cheaper) place to shop?
  9. If you bought the same items for four weeks, what would be your total savings?

    Graphing Extension:
    1. In Claris works or spread sheet program of your choice, make a bar graph comparing the prices. Print your graph.

    Multiplication Extension:
    1. In Claris works, create a new column with a multiplier of four for original NetGrocer prices. Do the same for the local grocer prices.
    Try the same idea with purchasing clothing on the internet. Enjoy your virtual shopping trip.