Earth Science

The Purpose

How Are The Sites Different? How Are They the Same?

The Land Shapes the Experience of the People

Most of the Southwest Is Cliffs, Canyons, and Monumental Sandstone Formations

The Region of the Southwest

Who were the Ancestral Pueblo People (Anasazi)?

"Regional differences developed as communities..."

The Bureau of Land Management Resource for the Anasazi

"For instance,"

"Name the domesticated crops and..."

What Were the Indigenous Plants?

What Other Resources ?


The Southwest

Rocks and Minerals of the Southwest

Compare and Contrast These Resources

Canyon De Chelly National Monument

Use the National Park Service Resources to Explore the Southwest


Have You Seen the Petroglyphs?

Thinking About this Place
Using a Database of Resources

Create Interest

Exploring the Southwest

Visual Resources

Cultural Landscapes

A Cultural Landscape

Historic Designed Landscape

"The landscape may be associated..."

Historic Vernacular Landscape

"Function plays a significant role..."

Historic Site

Ethnographic Landscape

World Heritage Sites in the US

The Navaho Are the Descendants of the Anasazi

Pick Your Favorite From the Tentative List

What is a Landscape?