How To Make A Chili Dog

Curriculum Area: Science, Language Arts

Technology Areas: Database, Spreadsheet, Internet

This activity provides a good method for children to understand the concept of a multimedia show and to practice sequencing skills and learn how to surf the internet for clip art. Follow these steps to help them produce their own show:

1. For the subject of the multimedia presentation, the students need a simple subject with simple tasks.

2. With the class, brainstorm what tasks it takes to make a hotdog. Write down all responses on the board or chart. Have the students to read all of the responses and suggest in what order or sequence they should be listed.

3. Ask the students to look at the new list of ordered tasks and decide which four or five would be the best to tell how to make a hotdog. List the order of tasks on the board.

4. Give the students a copy of the Worksheet for Slide Show. Have them write their personal information for Slide 1, then copy the circled sentences from the board for Slides 2-5.

5. Have clipart sites bookmarked for the students to go to. You can also encourage students to draw pictures for some of their slides.

6. Group students in pairs. Explain and demonstrate the basic directions of the multimedia software.

7. Help students type in their sentences and scan their drawings for the presentations.

8. Have a "Feature Presentation".

Suggested software: ClarisWorks, PowerPoint,and mPower.