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Education and Teaching Experience

Born in El Paso, Texas I attended Bassett Middle School and Austin High School , and received my Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. I have lived in Houston since 1973 where I got my Master of Education degree from the University of Houston.

I have taught in public and private schools on both the elementary and secondary levels since 1971. In 1979 I joined the faculty of Eisenhower High School in the Aldine Independent School District in northwest Houston. My teaching assignments have been in math, computer science and web mastering.

As I teach technology related classes at Eisenhower, I feel my job is to offer tools for thinking and designing to my students. My classes stress logical methods of dividing problems into small, easily-solved tasks. Hopefully, a student who applies himself in my class will come away with a more organized mind and a feel for good design.

The GirlTECH Project sponsored by the
Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE)

This project has given me a wonderful window on the Internet, and allowed me to develop educational sites that use its resources. Since receiving their month long training at The Rice School in the summer of 1995, I have shared the knowledge they gave me with my Web Mastering and Computer Science students and with my fellow teachers through:

Eisenhower High School

In 1995 I used my GirlTECH skills and Internet account to start Eisenhower's web site with the help of several student associates. In 2002, I completely redesigned the site and currently help to maintain it. In addition, I am the maintain the alumni site for the school.

Web Mastering

In 1999, we started a new Technology Applications Web Mastering class at Eisenhower. I have set up a site to help my students and any interested teacher of that course.

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